Saturday, September 6, 2014

Underneath it all

I did not realize -- though I should have -- that there is, indeed, a science to girdles.  I came across an article in a 1959 Co-ed magazine, that explains how to choose your girdle.  Here goes:

  • Those with larger tummies should wear a girdle with a non-stretch front panel, to keep the area "controlled firmly."  Light boning will also add some control.
  • For hippy girls, wear a girdle with double elastic or non-stretch panels on the sides.
  • If you want a more flattering back view, the non-stretch panel should be in back, or try a "down-stretch" back panel.
  • If you are a girl who is trying to create curves from a straight up and down figure, you want a higher waisted girdle, because it will act as a cincher. 
  • If your hips measure "as much as 12 inches more than your waist,"  a zippered girdle will be easier to get into.
How to get into your girdle:
Turn it partially inside out, waistband folded toward garters.  Step in and pull the folded part up.  Grab the waistband and pull it into place. 

It all sounds so much easier on paper.............

To figure your girdle, panty girdle, or garter belt size:  measure your waist, not too snugly.  That's it. 

To properly don a bra: hold it around your chest, lining up the back fasteners without hooking them.  Lean forward "so the bosom falls into the cups."  Then hook yourself up.  I don't know how this would work if you wear a modern front fastening bra though.

To measure bra size:  Measure around your chest, just under the bust and straight across the back.  Add 5 to this number (for example, if you measure 27 inches, add 5, and the band size will be 32.)  For cup size, measure across the fullest part of the bust and all around the back.  The difference between this number and your band size will give you your cup size:
  • Under 1" = AA cup
  • 1" = A cup
  • 2" = B cup
  • 3" = E cup
  • 4" = D cup
If you are between sizes, try both the larger and smaller sizes to see which one is the best fit. 

Almost every woman will find that she is wearing the wrong bra size, once she gets herself properly measures.  Trust me, it makes all the difference in the world.

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