Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What Were They Thinking?

Here's another ad from 1906.  This was an era where corsets were though to promote health, despite the pigeon breast styles that misshaped the spine.  Sure, it supported the back and bust, but at what cost?  These types of corsets make me shiver.

And notice it is "perfect for bathing" -- meaning swimming, I presume.  Can you imagine getting into the water with this on?  That is even more punishment.  And it holds the bust either high or low.  I am wondering when one would want the girls held low?  I'm wondering if something is lost in the verbiage here, and if they mean flatness as opposed to gravitational pull, because I can't imagine anyone wanting a saggy look.  Perhaps it just means high, to enhance decolletage, and low means a more natural look, like a day look where you aren't putting the girls on display.  I'm flummoxed.

Either way, I am certain that men came up with these corsets, because no woman in her right mind would subject herself to this.  But maybe that's just me.

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  1. I'm really not so sure men came up with the corset idea, but I don't have any proof at the moment. I recently (at the ripe old age of 61) have started corseting and I can not believe (1) how comfortable they are, and (2) how much better my clothes look and fit with one on.

    Cinching up until you can't breathe is a bad thing. Cinching up so quell the jiggles and enhance a long forgotten waistline - priceless!

    Perhaps your waistline hasn't faded away yet and you don't jiggle. But if/when it happens remember the foundation that will make your clothes drape like they used to. :o) K