Friday, June 6, 2014

How to Properly Prevent Snow Down South

I came across a 1959 issue of Co-Ed magazine that contains a nice article about foundation garments and lingerie, and though I'd share, especially for those who don't even remember what a slip is.  They're harder to find these days, and today's nylon and polyester feel NOTHING like vintage nylon.  Lead me down an aisle blindfolded, and I'll be able to pick out the vintage slips by feel alone -- not to mention how pretty they are.

"A slip or petticoat is worn, not only for beauty, but as a 'lining' for your dress, and should have the same silhouette as the fashion you're wearing.  That's why petticoats or half slips are best under separates, while fitted, full slips are worn under unbelted and princess line dresses.  When out on a shopping trip, you'll want to remember:

  • slips and petticoats should fit as well as your clothes.
  • They should be opaque, especially when worn under sheers.
  • Like girdles, half slips and petticoats go by waist measurement and are labelled Small, Medium, or Large.
  • Full slips are sized according to bust measurement
  • Since sizes vary, be sure to try on before buying, so you can see that fit and length are right for yo.
  • Look for wash and wear fabrics, firmly stitched seams, and washable trimmings that won't come off.
And keep your invisible wardrobe as if it showed!

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