Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Match Game

I heretofore label these posts "Match Game" because I just think it's so much fun to find a pattern that matches a dress from back in the day, like I did here and here.  This time it's this super sexy Simplicity pattern:

that has met its mate here:
Sexy, oui?  But then you add the jacket and it all goes to pot:
Why anyone would want to cover up that beautiful criss crossed bodice is beyond me.  Maybe the designer was like me -- I was sent to prom in the halter bridesmaid's dress I had worn in my sister's wedding, with strict instructions NOT to remove the sheer capelet that went over it, lest the young Y chromosomes nearby be overwhelmed with my shoulders.  

That sucker was off as soon as I got in my date's car, and I never put it on again the rest of the night.

The pattern, in case you are interested, is for sale in my store -- it's Simplicity 1619.

(Photo, courtesy of 1937 Dry Goods)