Monday, September 23, 2013

You Might Be A Bad Girl If:

A quiz, taken from a Pageant Magazine, from 1948:

Here are eight questions.  Under each one, simply put a check mark opposite the answer that tells the truth about yourself.

(a) I think kissing is all right.
       1.  After the first evening with a date.
       2.  When I am sure that he is a regular fellow.
       3.  When I really love him.
       4.  When he is engaged to me.

(b) It is all right to go on an overnight trip with a boy:
       1.  Sure, why not?
       2.  If we trust each other.
       3.  If others are along.
       4.  Never.

(c)  It is all right to date other boys even if I am engaged
       1.  Why shouldn't I?
       2.  I ought to keep meeting other boys.
       3.  Only if I'm not sure of my fiance.
       4.  Never.

(d)  A married woman should not be forgiven if she is unfaithful:
      1.  That's old-fashioned; she has as much right as a man.
      2.  Sometimes she can't help it.
      3.  It is a serious offense.
      4.  She simply shouldn't be unfaithful.

(e)  Would you permit yourself to be picked up?
      1.  Naturally.
      2.  If I felt like it, yes.
      3.  Only if the man is not alone.
      4.  Not at all.

(f)  Would you go to a man's apartment?
      1.  Why not?
      2.  If I felt like it.
      3.  Only if I knew him very well.
      4.  Never.

(g)  Would you go out with a married man?
      1.  I don't see why not.
      2.  If he particularly appealed to me.
      3.  Only under special circumstances.
      4.  Never.

(h)  Would you accept a gift of money from a man?
      1.  Yes, if he can afford it.
      2.  If he really wants to help out.
      3.  Only if I need it desperately.
      4.  Never.

The scores on each point run from 1 to 4.  Since there are eight questions, the highest score you can get is 32, the lowest 8.  If your score is from 26 to 32, you may consider yourself extremely moral -- or else overinhibited.  The best score therefore would really be from 23 to 25, showing just enough restraint mixed with courageous feelings about moral questions.

A score from 14 to 21 will reflect a girl liberal in views, but not necessarily bad.  A score from 8 to 13 reflects a girl who needs stricter moral codes.

I got a 23.

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