Saturday, September 28, 2013

All Things Bright and Beautiful

It's pageant time, and so in honor of the Miss America who is of Indian heritage, and the Miss World/Miss Phillipines who is of American heritage, I'd like to share this fabulous picture of Miss Margaret Gorman.  She was Miss America 1921 -- the first Miss America, a title that came along after she won the Atlantic City beauty pageant the year before, then won it again.  They didn't want to give her the same title twice, so she was deemed Miss America.  She's also the only Miss America to receive her crown after her reign was done.

Sounds kind of like they were making it up as they went along, but I can't deny the girl has THAT THING that makes her impossible to look away from.

Granted, this photo is from 1925 - four years after her reign ended, but still, the girl won Miss America wearing a swimsuit that went down to her knees.  The girl had IT.

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  1. She had a fawn greyhound as THE accessory, of course she had IT!