Saturday, September 28, 2013

All Things Bright and Beautiful

It's pageant time, and so in honor of the Miss America who is of Indian heritage, and the Miss World/Miss Phillipines who is of American heritage, I'd like to share this fabulous picture of Miss Margaret Gorman.  She was Miss America 1921 -- the first Miss America, a title that came along after she won the Atlantic City beauty pageant the year before, then won it again.  They didn't want to give her the same title twice, so she was deemed Miss America.  She's also the only Miss America to receive her crown after her reign was done.

Sounds kind of like they were making it up as they went along, but I can't deny the girl has THAT THING that makes her impossible to look away from.

Granted, this photo is from 1925 - four years after her reign ended, but still, the girl won Miss America wearing a swimsuit that went down to her knees.  The girl had IT.

Friday, September 27, 2013

They just don't make 'em like this anymore..........

Here are just a few adjectives for this ensemble:
  • sexy
  • chic
  • glamorous
  • head turner
  • man-killer
Do I really need to go on?  It's from 1962, from that line of McCall's patterns that doesn't have a name, but is so distinctive.  This is probably my favorite era of McCall's illustrations.  Now listed  in my Etsy store.

That dress is so Breakfast at Tiffany's that I keep expecting the model to turn around and have a cigarette holder in her hand.  ::sigh::  I'm in love.

Monday, September 23, 2013

You Might Be A Bad Girl If:

A quiz, taken from a Pageant Magazine, from 1948:

Here are eight questions.  Under each one, simply put a check mark opposite the answer that tells the truth about yourself.

(a) I think kissing is all right.
       1.  After the first evening with a date.
       2.  When I am sure that he is a regular fellow.
       3.  When I really love him.
       4.  When he is engaged to me.

(b) It is all right to go on an overnight trip with a boy:
       1.  Sure, why not?
       2.  If we trust each other.
       3.  If others are along.
       4.  Never.

(c)  It is all right to date other boys even if I am engaged
       1.  Why shouldn't I?
       2.  I ought to keep meeting other boys.
       3.  Only if I'm not sure of my fiance.
       4.  Never.

(d)  A married woman should not be forgiven if she is unfaithful:
      1.  That's old-fashioned; she has as much right as a man.
      2.  Sometimes she can't help it.
      3.  It is a serious offense.
      4.  She simply shouldn't be unfaithful.

(e)  Would you permit yourself to be picked up?
      1.  Naturally.
      2.  If I felt like it, yes.
      3.  Only if the man is not alone.
      4.  Not at all.

(f)  Would you go to a man's apartment?
      1.  Why not?
      2.  If I felt like it.
      3.  Only if I knew him very well.
      4.  Never.

(g)  Would you go out with a married man?
      1.  I don't see why not.
      2.  If he particularly appealed to me.
      3.  Only under special circumstances.
      4.  Never.

(h)  Would you accept a gift of money from a man?
      1.  Yes, if he can afford it.
      2.  If he really wants to help out.
      3.  Only if I need it desperately.
      4.  Never.

The scores on each point run from 1 to 4.  Since there are eight questions, the highest score you can get is 32, the lowest 8.  If your score is from 26 to 32, you may consider yourself extremely moral -- or else overinhibited.  The best score therefore would really be from 23 to 25, showing just enough restraint mixed with courageous feelings about moral questions.

A score from 14 to 21 will reflect a girl liberal in views, but not necessarily bad.  A score from 8 to 13 reflects a girl who needs stricter moral codes.

I got a 23.