Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bar One

Dior's Bar Suit, created in 1947, changed the face of the fashion world.  After years of wartime fabric rationing, he created a suit that required up to 15 yards of fabric just for the skirt.  Critics were brutal, women even picketed, but the nipped waist, padded hips New Look era had begun.

See the suit that changed fashion:

And so, when I came across this pattern, you can understand why I immediately thought of the Bar.

Yes, the collar is different -- I love the contrasting lining and the shape -- but I've also seen a shawl collar version of the Bar Suit, so the notched collar wasn't set in stone.  This is an Advance Import Adaptation pattern, unknown year, but must be late 40s, because of the Bar influence.  It's not really known what the Adaptation part of the name means, but most of us generally think that they were cheaper adaptations of what was seen on the Paris runways.  It would be fun to go through them and see who we thought influenced each one, wouldn't it?

But this one just screams Dior.  Pattern currently available on the website.

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