Sunday, October 7, 2012


There's nothing more fun than a pretty pair of boudoir slippers. Do they even make them anymore? I'm not sure. But look how cute these are, and to add to the fun, they are called "Oomphies." I'm not sure who came up with that completely sex-less name, or completely vulgar name. They are cute, no matter how mis-named they might be.
From Bride's Magazine, Winter 1948-49.


  1. These are fantastic. I really want some for the winter!

    -Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe

  2. You can still buy Ooomphies at places like Sears and Kohls, and they look pretty much the same!

  3. In the 1930s and 40s, "oomph" was slang that meant personal charm or sex appeal.

    So the name made sense then.

  4. Now, that's a pretty cool nugget of knowledge. It makes more sense now.