Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Men pretty much have never had a real issue on what to wear under their trousers.  Boxers or briefs?  That's pretty much it.  But when I was looking through the issue of Life magazine that I used in the last post, I came across this:  what to wear under your slacks.
"for under slacks control, pantie girdles and bra are suggested.  Pantie shown is advisable only for slim hipped girls.  For women with bulges, stronger support is urged."  Wouldn't want to let the muffin top loose, now would we?

"Slacks-chemise, a one piece affair which functions as bra and pantie, will not bulge under slacks.  This is the 1942 version of envelop chemise popular during the last war."
" "Blitzies" is the name of this garment which combines blouse and pantie.  Shirttail which comes around to forma a pair of brief pants also acts as an anchor, keeps shirt in place."  Of course, we have no idea how you will use the powder room, but your shirt will not come loose.

Note that there are no real embellishments here, and the Blitzie's shirt could easily go with Rosie the Riveter overalls.  This is because it was 1942, so fabric rationing was still in place.  Lace and fripperies were not allowed, so the clothing was straight up practical.

Courtesy, Life Magazine


  1. I've never heard of Blitzies before now, but I'm guessing they were the inspiration for rompers!

  2. I'm always so interested in underwear. I've never heard of Blitzies before. I know how hard it is to keep your shirt tucked into your pants sometimes but worse come to worse, I'd prefer a leotard.