Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Innest In

Here's a Butterick brochure from November, 1966.  The military style coat on the front is designed by Gayle Kirkpatrick, described inside as "one of the innest in designers."  His focus was on sportswear.  "He believes it's a look...not an activity uniform.  It's an amusing, alive look...with surprises...but no gimmicks...His clothes are well constructed and designed with great individuality.  We're proud to add his name to our growing list of famous 'Young Designers.'"

If you've never seen any patterns from this Young Designers series, you should.  This line from Butterick included such designers as the legendary Mary Quant, Norma Tullo (who made some REALLY cute things), and none other than Betsy Johnson "of Alley Cat."  I'm starting to offer up some of my pattern magazines from my personal collection on the website, so if you are interested, come and see what I've got.  I'm the innest of the in.

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