Sunday, August 5, 2012

50 Years.

Her life was short, but left a legacy that is probably never going to be equalled.  She was both innocent and sexy, sad and joyous, amazing and tragic.  She married and divorced.  Her first husband sent flowers to her grave every week for twenty years.

She was our Marilyn.

It was said that she could walk down the street unnoticed, until she turned on Marilyn.  As Norma Jean Baker, she could blend into a crowd.  As Marilyn, she attracted one.  Her film career didn't include any Oscars, and it was, by comparison, short.  But we will never forget her. 

And 50 years later, we still mourn her. 

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  1. I recorded three of her movies this weekend. They were doing a marathon of her movies on the TMC this weekend. She is mesmerizing to watch, partly because she doesn't seem real, somehow.