Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wishful thinking

I do not know what year this is from, but I do know it's the kind of thing that drives me crazy.  I was counting pattern pieces tonight, and found a wonderful 50s wiggle dress pattern with a GREAT neckline:
Started counting pieces, and realized I had way too many.  Turns out that there is not only the dress pattern in there, but a pattern for a totally different jacket.  Problem is, it's an unprinted pattern, and the only indication of what that pattern actually is, is the handwritten labels like "front", "sleeve," etc.  No pattern number, no instructions.  And one of the pieces was the aforementioned homemade pattern piece, made from a piece of newspaper.  I saw the illustrations and it took my breath away.  I sure do wish I could see those swimsuits.  Or even just the full ad.  That's some kind of fabulous.

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