Sunday, July 1, 2012


I have a thing for pearls.  Call it the preppy, proper, classic side of me, but I love them.  I've never had a set of real pearls, though the ex gave me a pearl and diamond necklace before our wedding.  The pearl fell off once.  I had it fixed.  The second time it fell off, I gave up.  Maybe it was a sign, I don't know.

In either event, I love this vintage Dutchess Pearls ad, from 1956.  It features Jean Patchett, who was Eileen Ford's first model to hit superstardom, and I think it's beautiful in its simplicity.  It was probably rather daring for its time, too.  Jean Patchett was well known in her day for her graceful, elegant photos (not unlike my idol, Dovima).  She was a regular feature in Vogue.  And yes, the beauty mark is real. 

The pearls, of course, are simulated, as we would never see hues of that color in nature, I'm sure.  The strings harken back to Coco Chanel, but updated to the cusp of a revolution -- it's pure housewife gone bad, a la Mrs. Robinson, yes?  Perhaps this alludes to the Dutchess of Windsor, who was something of a bad girl in her own right.  Either way, I love it.

Want to see more Jean Patchett loveliness?  Click here, to see her official website, which is full of beautiful photos from her modelling years.  Want to buy the ad?  Click here.

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  1. I always thought pearls were lovely. I did however not like that they were always geared towards women. I think we have ruined a lot of things by hammering a gender assignment to some of nature's most beautiful things here for all of us to enjoy.