Sunday, July 22, 2012

Love Knows No Bounds....

I love old wedding pictures, especially from the wartime era, when women wore a nice suit, got their hair done, and went off to take their vows.  There's something beautifully simple about those pictures, so this one caught my eye.  The picture, and story, are courtesy of Reminisce magazine.

As the story goes, Darrell and Louise had been together since Louise was 15.  Darrell joined the Marine Corps the day after Pearl Harbor, and went off to San Diego for training.  One day after that, Louise and a friend went to an amusement park in Chicago, where they met two sailors.  They had their pictures taken in one of those little photo booths, hung out for a while, then went their separate ways at the end of the day.

Well, fate plays tricks on us, and as fate would have it, the sailor who Louise was photographed was also stationed in San Diego.  It's a small world indeed, because the sailor ended up showing Darrell the photo of him and this "random" girl from the amusement park.  Darrell promptly went AWOL, and showed up on Louise's doorstep demanding an explanation, and telling her he wanted to get married.  Louise refused. 

Darrell turned himself in and was thrown into the brig, where he had his his head shaved and was fed nothing but bread and water.  After that, he was shipped to the Pacific, and ended up receiving a Purple Heart .  He married Louise on October 16.1944.  They were married 49 1/2 years before Darrell died in 1994.


  1. See... Even then.... girls just wanted to have a bit of fun before the big "I do" !

    I had LOTS of fun, said "I do" to my love and come Sept 2012 we'll mark 50 years of "huggin and lovin" ~~

    Thanks for the great story~~ Sierra Sue

  2. This is a great story. Thank you for sharing!!