Wednesday, June 6, 2012


My uncle was on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.  He survived, only to succumb to a bombing a month before V-E Day.  The oldest of my grandmother's 18 children, she was said to never have been the same after his death.

My children's great-grandfather Herb was on the beaches of Normandy as well.  He also survived, and survived the war as well.  He never talked much about it, other than to say he'd lied about his age to get into the Army.

The beaches of Normandy saw battle 68 years ago today.  They weren't particularly famous before the war, but they were infamous afterward.  And so it is today that we honor those brave men who ventured into the terrifying unknown, some living, some dying, and all changed forever from the events they witnessed and experienced that day.

And if you'd like to know how private citizens honored their war heroes, kept the morale alive at home, and represented their country with pride, read the FIDM blog about this British Propaganda dress, created during wartime rationing.  I truly took pause while reading this blog, in honor of those who gave all, those who gave some, and those who believe and hope, "never again."

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