Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Someone's Trashy Neighbor?

I came across a treasure trove of fantastic sewing patterns tonight -- ones I didn't realize I had, like Ceil Chapman, Jo Copeland, Harvey Berin, and Phillip Hulitar.  This one, by Jean Modiste, is pretty fabulous as well, so I went searching for information about Msr. Modiste, but to no avail.  I'm wondering if it was a fictional name, but either way, this dress is pretty cool.

Of course, the model on the left takes it into trashy-land, with her taking of of her pearls like that.  I imagine her as someone's trashy neighbor, who wears her clothes too tight, too revealing, and who probably drinks too much at the Christmas party and ends up in a compromising position, either dancing on a table, or in a back room with someone's husband.  The one on the right is just flat out trying too hard, what with her spiky hat -- would you really see feathers AND a veil like that? -- and the tacky pocket that looks like it has lobster embroidery on it.  The flounce in contrasting collar is just as bad.

Either way, the girls are tacky.  The dress, however, is fabulous, and reaks of Jayne Mansfield's influence, yes?