Sunday, November 20, 2011

I love it when this happens.

I have an overwhelming sens eof curiosity, and it leads me to do strange things. Like the time the ex came in the living room and asked what I was doing. "Translating obituaries from Polish," I said. He just looked at me, shook his head and walked out. I told you I do weird things.

So I play this game sometimes, called Match the Vogue Dress with the pattern. I go to a website -- usually ebay -- search for Vogue Paris Original or Vogue Couturier in the clothing category, then find a dress with one of those tags in it. Then I got searching, to see if I can spot the pattern that matches with the dress. I like a challenge, and it's fun!

So tonight, I found this set. Tres amazing, yes? Gold brocade, in time for the holidays. An opera coat, no less. Well, I took one look at it and knew that I'd seen that pattern before. Yep. It's Vogue Paris Original 1897, by Yves St Laurent, in his post-Mondrian days. I haven't gone so far as to pinpoint the exact year yet (because I'm lazy) but it's Stepford Wife era, if you look at the hair in the illustrations. And if I have a rib or two removed, I might just buy it.


  1. That's the sort of things I could do. I ma glad I not the only one.

  2. I love that pattern. I remember seeing it as an adolescent and I dreamed of being the kind of person who went places where that sort of clothing was necessary. I bought the pattern years later, and still get that sense of heady sophisticated worlds that a Montana schoolgirl could only imagine.

  3. Wow looks similarly to a queens dress. Nice post! Love it.