Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who'da Thunk?

The Indianapolis area has long been the Sahara desert of fabric shops. Sure, you can find Joann Fabric, but they just have 1) fleece and 2) quilting cotton. Not exactly interesting stuff. You can see Hobby Lobby, but they're not much better. Calico Corner is ok for quilting cotton, but where is our version of Vogue Fabric? I mean, I went to Chicago to the Vogue Fabric store, and if I hadn't had a deadline to meet, I might still be there. That place is uh-maz-ing.

And so it was that I forayed out into the north side of Indianapolis, to find The French Seam. I had come across them on Facebook a couple of months ago, and had meant to go visit the store, but never had the time. I don't go up that way often, so you know it had to be important to me. Did I mention my aversion to the north side?

Well, it was well worth the trip. Part of why I wanted to go was because I read that they had vintage Vogue patterns for sale. Now that's not someone one sees every day, especially here. I mean, to be able to see and touch the patterns? That's kind of like taking a chocoholic to Hershey, PA. They actually had four books of vintage patterns, mostly Vogues, and they dated back to the 30s. Some of the other patterns were even older. They had some seriously beautiful stuff -- lots of 40s Vogue Couturiers, some Madame Gres, Desses, Christian Dior, Nina Ricci, and much more. Let's just say it was a good thing they were in plastic sleeves, because I may've drooled a little bit. OK, not, but they have some beautiful patterns, and I bought this one. Isn't it amazing?

Add to that that they have some wonderful fabrics -- and not just cotton, and I don't remember seeing any fleece. Did you know that Jay McCarroll has designed some cotton fabric? Well, I didn't, and some of them are beautiful. But there are plenty of other pretty fabrics and interesting patterns (no run of the mill stuff here), many of which simply demand you to stop and touch them, and get the creative juices flowing. They also have lots of interesting notions -- check out othe Italian buttons, and some of the other ones that are seriously large enough to hold a small appetizer on. And the best thing was, my dad -- an artist in crewel -- needed a needle threader, and they were not only happy to find him one, but also showed him how to use it. I haven't checked with him to see how he likes the newfangled design of the one he bought, but I did appreciate them showing it to us. I may have to go back and get one for myself.....

Check out their website to see what all they offer -- there's no online store, but they do have their contests and their events listed. I love their contest ideas. Talk about jogging the creativity button! And they plan to offer sewing classes in the not too distant future. I may just have to clear my calendar for that one.

If you want to visit, they are located in the Clearwater Shoppes, on 82nd St. They are located across the street from Babies R Us, on the south side of East 82nd Street. The actual address is 3909 E 82nd Street. And if you are a knitter, there is also a knitting store in the same strip mall. I wonder if they have room for a vintage pattern store.....................

Anywho, go see them. They are friendly, the displays are beautiful, the prices are right, and it's a breath of fresh air to the Indianapolis sewing community. Vive The French Seam!


  1. I'm about to puke, I'm so excited! Since I moved to Indy from Chicago I've been having a lot of trouble finding ANYTHING I'm used to. From food to fabrics, Indianapolis IS like the Sahara.
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting about The French Seam!

  2. I'm not sure when I'm going to make a visit to the ol' homestead in Hendricks county again, but a trip to the north side of Indy is definitely on my agenda! It sounds like a real treat!