Friday, August 26, 2011

When she says it, she means it.....

Denisebrain is one of my favorite vintage sellers, for many reasons.

1. Maggie models her own stuff, and her obvious love of vintage fashion jumps out in every photo. She is amazing.

2. Her stock is amazing. She finds some of the most beautiful things ever.

3. She accessorizes for the photos to perfection. Tres chic!

4. I've bought from her, and her customer service is great. Which leads me to.....

5. When she says it, she means it She has this hat titled as "40s Vintage BEST Purple Tilt Hat with Big Bow & Veil. Well, guess what? She's right, because this is just about the BEST hat I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of hats. I love it to my toes! Now, I love hats of all kinds, and I have NO idea where I'd wear this one, but someone needs to snap it up quickly, so I quit wondering when I'd have occasion to wear it, because I would snap it up in a minute if I could.

This also begs the question -- where has this hat been? A hat this fabulous has history behind it that HAS to be interesting. What do you think?