Sunday, March 27, 2011

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha............

I am fairly certain that my sister wore this dress in 1976, when she was crowned Prom Queen at our high school in Missouri.

She was teensy - about 90 lbs - and always dated the cutest boys in the school. She was also the student council president. And, although she played strings, she had to march in band in order to get a grade, so she just marched, sans instrument (it's hard to march with a string bass, especially when you are 5'1" and 90 lbs). She was the only band member who spent her whole time marching simply waving at people. She's a nut.

So yep, this dress is one that made it hard for me to follow my larger than life big (tiny) sister. But that's ok, because we moved the next year, and no one at the new school knew that I was the sister of an over-achieving Munchkin. I love her death, though, and still tease her about the fact that I can probably rest my chin on the top of her head.


  1. I really like all the fashion from the 70's. I still have a lot of patterns from way back then....and I've made a couple. It's funny how some things never go out of fashion.

  2. I cant get with the 70s too much. But those bell bottoms, i soooooo dig! Some stuff was cool but for the most part, 70s not for me.

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  5. OMG -in here looking for retro patterns for my wedding dress - I am sure I made this dress sans belt in some kind of peachy polyester to wear 1 of the 5 times I was a bridesmaid. What a hoot!