Sunday, January 9, 2011

More with the mommy-wear

The last post showed a maternity dress that didn't look maternity, and a couple of people wondered whether it was, indeed for mommy-to-be.

Yes, it was.

Remember, in yesteryear, ladies sewed a lot of their own clothing. People didn't have the more extensive wardrobes that we have today, as evidenced by my own house: built in 1930, the closets are TINY. Frugality also meant that they needed multi-purpose clothes. They didn't have the same access to stores that we had, and transportation was different. This pattern is from 1942, in the height of fabric rationing, so embellishments were done with darts and gathers instead of buttons and frippery.

Hence, the maternity wear you saw last time, as well as this time: adjustable dresses that could be wrapped or tied, adjusting according to need. I even had a maternity corset once that came, complete in box, with instructions on how to adjust the laces for each month of the pregnancy. It was fascinating to look at.

Tomorrow, I will post a photo of a 1910s maternity dress, just for basis of comparison. It's interesting to see how maternity clothing has evolved.


  1. Oh, I LOVE this dress! I imagine that the wrap style dress would make for easy nursing sessions as well. You're absolutely right about the adjustable nature of vintage maternity wear. Many 40's dresses I've seen have snaps or hooks and eyes at the pleats so that they can be let out as the baby bump grows. I really admire the ingenuity of vintage maternity designers in a time when fabric was scarce and spandex was non-existent. What a stunning dress- I need to find this pattern!

  2. It's on the website:

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