Saturday, January 29, 2011

Madonna of the Screen

I came across this beautiful picture of actress Alice Joyce, and it intrigued me. She is beautiful, isn't she? They called her the Madonna of the Screen, and her photos reflect that. She also had the unusual distinction of leaving movies not once, but twice, in order to raise her children, and still coming back and having a successful career. That's almost unheard of for women in film today.

The photo, left, is from 1913 - the year she won a poll for most popular film actress - and I love it. Check out her website here to see more beautiful photos of her.


  1. This is a truly stunning photo. Thanks for posting! I've always been interested in women of the 1910's.

    xx, Michelle

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  2. Wow..What a collection...
    Really Hats off to you..We get many more photos in internet, except the photos during the past decades which you have in your collection..
    Simply superb..

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  5. Glad to see miss Alice joyce, the so called Madonna.....Usually i search abt madonna , once i got Alice in the searches. her life is great and she is awesome..