Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The 1930s in film (now)

Here are my two favorite modern movies, featuring 30s clothing. Here's why:
1. O Brother, Where Art Thou features TONS of menswear, which is not always prominently displayed in film. You see everything from the jail uniforms to fancier suits. You won't see much women's wear till near the end, but it's there -- be patient -- and it's daywear, which you also don't see too often. Film tends to lean toward showing the fancier wares of the 30s, so it's refreshing to see the daily stuff. The movie is just plain hilarious, and that my alternate husband is the star. Don't put it on mute though -- the script is hysterical! ("Do not. seek. the treasure.") If you've not seen it, your assignment is to watch it. Now.

2. Atonement. ::sigh:: I've posted about this movie before, I believe, and it is still one of my ultimate favorites. The costuming is to. die. for. You will see just about everything 30s in this one: evening gowns, sundresses, nurse uniforms, military uniforms, children's clothing, swimwear, you name it. The green dress is, of course, iconic, though it is, as I've mentioned before, two pieces, not just one. But my favorite dress is the one Kiera wears in the drawing room scene when her brother first arrives home. Watch this one. Many times. But wear a bib. It will bring out the drool

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  1. I haven't seen either of these movies but your post reminded me of another. The 'American Girl' movie Kit Kittredge has wonderful 1930's fashions. Nothing fancy. Of course I loved seeing all the aprons and mention of using feedsack fabric.