Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hoosier Pride....and some elves too.

Our First Lady wears vintage! And from an Indiana designer, no less. Be still my heart.

This is Mrs. Obama in a vintage 50s Norman Norell dress that is just beautiful. Norman Norell was from Noblesville, Indiana, 30 minutes from where I live, so it's really special to see her in this lovely garment -- and she looks wonderful. I'd love to see the back.

If indeed the label says Norell, it is probably from about 1958, since pre-1958, Norell's garments carried the Traina-Norell label. Mr. Norell's signature garment was a chemise, which makes this lovely piece of eveningwear all the more special. Mrs. Obama is one lucky lady!

Click on the image to see all the photos, and be sure to pay attention to the little elves faces. Some of them just crack me up. And look how cute the First Children look, too. This is one very nice looking family!

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  1. Her dress is gorgeous! Festive, but not over-done.