Monday, December 13, 2010

The Emperor's New Hat

Did you know that the first hat that Lilly Dache sold actually didn't even exist at the time of the sale? She had just bought the shop she worked in, and had very little capital to work with. There were only two window weary hats in the entire shop, and both were battle weary from the front window's sun. The little shop that rarely saw visitors suddenly had a customer come in who was insistent upon buying, of all things, a hat. Lilly had none to show her.

She quickly ran to the back room and brought back her own hat - the one she had worn to work that day. She proceeded to mesmerize the customer with how that particular hat would not flatter the lines of her face, and how she would create a beautiful custom hat that would be such a creation as to leave her breathless. Lilly's partner stood there watching, probably scared to death that the would-be customer would catch on.

She didn't. She ordered the hat, sight unseen. The next day, after a quick trip to the fashion district for supplies, Lilly Dache had her first customer, starting her way to being the milliner to stars such as Loretta Young, Marlena Dietrich, and many more.

That lady had some moxie!

Portrait of Lilly Dache, 1948.

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