Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Dress

Not that I'm a fan, but Nicole Ritchie got married last weekend and, from what I read, was inspired to create a wedding dress based on Princess Grace of Monaco's iconic dress. She was inspired by a photo of the prince and princess kneeling at their wedding (probably the photo below) and who can blame her? I can't find a good photo of the waistline of Nicole's dress, but it has the same cummerbund effect as Princess Grace's, which inspired a cadre of brides to adapt it into their own wedding. And now, 50 years later, it's showing up again.

I think that's the definition of icon, don't you?

Not so much a fan of the skirt of Nicole's dress, left, but apparently she had three different ones for the wedding, and changed to a sheath dress for the reception. This dress is beautiful, but I wouldn't get two feet without snagging the tulle and ripping it to shreds.

Seeing the other photos helped me see the commonalities better than the one photo I'm sharing here, but I'm going to share some photos of Princess Grace too, because she was gorgeous.


  1. And LONG Sleeves and covered up from the neck down. When was the last time we saw wedding dresses like this? the 70s? When my girls wanted to get dresses a few years ago for their weddings, all that was available was..... strapless. One girl got married in October. Everyone froze. It would be nice if girls would have the option of a dress with sleeves in it again. Let's hope Nicole Richey's dress is one that people fall in love with.

  2. here's better pic of the front of her dress for you: