Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bates without the hotel

I was reading the biography of John Bates at Vintage-A-Peel today, and admiring the beautiful dress of his she has for sale. Be sure to click and look at it, because it's a fabulous example of early-mid 60s fashion.

I love that era, because the lines are clean, and somewhere between the full, full skirts of the 50s and early 60s, and before the crack-tastic later 60s. So I went wandering around the web for no good reason, and what should I come across but this photo of yet another John Bates dress, from 1965. The dress is described as "
In heavy-ribbed all-cotton white, it is a simple shift with a floral collar. The unusual stockings are looped with roses and bows," and unusual is surely what I'd call them!

They look like they are perhaps spats, or not even stockings at all, but an extension from the shoe, and if you look at her left leg, they look like thigh highs, though I can't be sure. I know that for all of my unwavering love of bows, I wouldn't want to wear these. They a) seem like they'd be VERY uncomfortable and b) look as though I've put my shoe through them and destroyed them (something that I can do on my own). I wonder what this outfit looks like from the front?

And I do believe that this outfit fairly DEMANDS a proper hat, preferably something rectangular, with a knot on the top. Maybe in a stripe or geometric, though it would depend upon what the outfit looks like from the front. I'm picturing this in pure white, which is hard to carry off, so I'll think of it in baby blue instead.

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  1. I was a young girl at a department store fashion demo with my mother in 1966ish, and the rep lifted her skirt to show us her thigh high "boots" actually had stocking uppers that were attached to a garter belt. I've always remembered that. They looked a lot like what this lady is wearing.