Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh MY.

I want this coat. Badly. In MANY colors. Pure Lucy. Very flattering. Wearable for every shape. I will obey the bracelet length sleeve style and wear gorgeous gloves with it.

Want. NOW.

From 1952.
Click to buy from my friend Tina, at What-I-Found. Then make it for me, please. In red, cream, slate blue, and houndstooth. I'll supply the gloves.


  1. Oh, is lovely isn't it. This is one I wanted to keep. If you find that sewist to make one for you I'll put in an order too!
    Thanks for the shout out.

  2. I actually have a coat JUST LIKE THIS! It's a winter coat in heavy turquoise wool. It my absolute favorite!

  3. I own a coat like this from the fifties and it is so flattering, I love it. If this pattern was more my size I would be all over it!

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