Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gorgeous a la Mode

I came across this ad in a Good Housekeeping ad from 1946. It's post-World War II, and happy days were here again in fashion.

To carry this dress off, you'd need some sturdy foundation garments, but isn't it beautiful? I find it interesting that she's kind of playing with the hip swag -- or is that something else? Most times, hip swags are on the left, but that's what it looks like to me, and the style would fit the era.

Look in the background -- there are people dancing in full length ball gowns. I can't decide if she's at the dance, and dressed completely differently than anyone (the 50s style ball gowns weren't in vogue yet), or if she's at the ballet, because the gowns are too long for that. You tell me, because I can't figure it out. Or maybe they're just going for the photograph's setting, which is Le Theatre de la Mode. That's quite possible, but I catch a different vibe. Then again, I wasn't around in 1946, to see what a huge deal Le Theatre de la Mode was. The dress that is the focal point here is from Balmain. Photographed in Le Theatre de la Mode, presented by American Relief for France. Jewels by Cartier.

In either event, what do you think the ad is for? I was's an ad for Helena Rubinstein's Command Performance makeup line -- and the dress is listed as being from Balmain's Command Performance collection. Nothing like the makeup ads of today, where the face is front and center. Me? I'd rather look at gorgeous clothes.

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