Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Converse-ation

There is no photo tonight, because I am sad. I was sent to look at an interesting post here, regarding classic college fashions. Gotta say, I agree with the majority of it, though I'd argue that argyle isn't quite back yet -- but then again, has it ever gone completely away? I think not. Messenger bags are as classic as Indiana Jones, and boyfriend blazers are, thankfully, making a resurgence. We haven't seen them around regularly since the 70s. Interesting list that made me think.

The one thing on the list that made me sad was Converse. I met my husband in early November, 1985. For Christmas that year, I bought him a pair of leather high-top Converse All Stars which, according to him, cemented the fact that he intended to marry me. Apparently, the $40 I spent on those shoes was a big deal, and he kept them for years.

I've searched for a pair of them for years, in hopes of surprising him at Christmas, and have NEVER found another pair like them. White and blue, high top, leather, and a strap across the top. I guess they were QUITE the deal at the Y, and now I know why, because they are simply not to be found. If I could find a pair in size 11, I'd be over the moon. And I don't think I'm alone -- read this for another lover of vintage Converse's take on the big deal, back in the day.

Chucks are back now, but take me back to the old days, and help a girl out. Anyone know where I could find 'em? And what else would you add to the list of college fashions that will never go out of style?

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