Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Obi Wow Can I Have-y?

Here's a picture straight out of Life Magazine, October 17, 1967. It's Naomi Sims, taking a stroll down the street in a cool 60s outfit that says relaxed. Gone are the foundation garments of the earlier 60s, and the wild mod is starting to relax into hippiness - hence the looser fit. I particularly love the obi belt.

The purse would fit right into today. The shoes? Who knows -- I can't see them, but it sure looks like they are sensible. I'm sure they're not.

The plum color would fit into a fall wardrobe perfectly, and if I had that set, I'd be wearing the top as a mini dress, too. I love clothes that can multi-task.

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  1. I got so caught up in your cute title, I hardly read the rest. :)