Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This pattern is from 1953. The thing I find interesting about it is that it says on the cover that "this design is illustrated in quilted fabric." Who knew?

I've never seen a quilted fabric dress, especially from that era, so this intrigues me. The back of the envelope lists quilted cottons among the suitable fabrics, but I'm still not quite seeing it. The fabric list is also one of the most varied I've ever seen. Here it is:

  • quilted cottons
  • linen
  • pique
  • cotton broadcloth
  • denim
  • lace
  • gingham
  • percale (great use for leftover sheets, for thrifty sewists)
  • chambray
  • calico
  • dotted Swiss
  • embroidery cotton
  • velveteen
  • corduroy
  • shantung
  • taffeta
  • crepe
That's the kind of fabric list that goes from soup to nuts, yes? What do you think? Ever seen a quilted cotton dress like this?


  1. I vaguely remember my aunt wearing a quilted cotton circle skirt, similar to the skirt in the dress pattern. The heaviness of the fabric would dramatically change the drape--interesting!

  2. skirts in this style are much more common than dresses--i've seen one on ebay, i think (i'm always looking for quilted dresses). Ofc it's common to see 50s robes in quilted fabric with this hourglass shape as well (i'm wearing one right now!).

    as you know the stiffness of the quilted fabric would be great for the shape of the skirt.

  3. The funny thing is I just saw a quilted dress from that time period somewhere and now I can't remember where?