Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rear Window Inspired

One of the more iconic suits of movie history was worn by Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 movie "Rear Window." A beautiful shade of celadon green, it was pure Grace Kelly.

And then she took off her jacket, revealing a completely surprising sexy halter top. Me-YOW!

So when I saw this pattern on ebay, you can probably imagine why I thought of Rear Window. Granted, it's not the same halter top (I'd love to find a pattern for the one in the movie), but it's the same surprise halter top. Add to that the interesting fact that this pattern is dated 1950 -- four years before "Rear Window." I'd like a combination of these suits, with Ms. Kelly's top and the Vogue jacket, please.


  1. ahhhh that sew pattern is simply gorgeous!!

  2. I loved this suit, I loved the black and white number that Grace wore when she had dinner brought to Jimmy Stewart's Characters apt. But my favorite is the nightgown with the sheer robe.

  3. Grace Kelly could wear the proverbial potato sack and look stunning. I love her halter top and white belt.