Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Variations on the McCall's 8332

Perhaps you remember me mentioning the McCall's 8332 pattern, in a style created by Oleg Cassini for Jacqueline Kennedy, but without the attribution? It's adorable, and difficult to find (though I have one in my store, hint hint).

Today, my dear compadre Tina, from What-I-Found Sewing Patterns, sent me an early birthday present. (Go buy something from her. Now. She is the best!) I arrived home to an unexpected package, and literally screamed in delight when I opened it -- a 1967 Spadea pattern catalog, full of Ceil Chapman, Jo Copeland, Suzy Perette, Duchess of Windsor, and more designers. It's a wonderful thing to behold.

And so while I was thumbing through it, I came across two patterns that reminded me of said McCall's 8332. These are from 1967, which adds to the interesting question of dates:

First, by Herbert Sondheim:

And second, by Capucci:

Both are a bit of "business in the front, party in the back," aren't they? And cute, cute, cute, yes?


  1. Aww, shucks.
    (And maybe there should be a whole section on the Vintage Pattern Wiki for Mullet Dresses...)

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  3. Just a guess about the dates: Sondheim specialized in knock-offs, so his designers may have seen the Cassini dress at a showing or something and, voila.

  4. There are soooo many 60s dresses that are somewhat low in the back, that was a major theme of the time, the thing about the 8332 (I want it, darn it and I am a size bust 32 but it's long gone) is that the ENTIRE back could be left open in one of the view choices, that's bold and you see it today of course too, some celeb always wears one to some awards thing or whatever, but I guess the thing is how well do those stick on bra things work? So that is my hang up on the entire back or extremely low back dresses ie can't have a regular bra and those stick on things are tricky and I never feel fully support that way and I'm only a B cup. I still kinda want the dress for some reason, but I rarely go to dress up affairs and I already have some less popular 60s dresses I could make that I still find charming, McCalls 8497 shows off the back a little on the upper but can still wear a bra and then it has this funky sheer mesh overdress that snaps behind the neck with the oh so popular 60s bow. So the floaty chiffon overlayer kinda got me on this pattern and I only had to pay about $10. So I try tell myself I don't need 8332.

    1. purchase a bra that fits well, but isn't too expensive, fit into the front of the dress and cut the bra so that you can stitch it into the side seams or sew in by hand. I grew up in the 60's (teenager) wore those dresses. The good ones had bras sewn in, NO ONE went braless.