Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Hats 'N Gloves from 1946

Here's a few more styles of hats and gloves from post-WWII fashion. Note that the cute geometric gloves up top are further evidence that scraps and remnants were still being used to create stylish accessories. The geometric pattern in those gloves could be made with the tiniest bit of leftover yarn.

No wonder people who lived through the war had a tendency toward frugality. They earned it.

PS Sorry about cutting off the model on the left. I'll see if I can amend that with a better scan.


  1. So would it be odd for a man to wear them? I always see my favorite girls from the times wearing them....ann sheridan..betty davis...rita hayworth...angela lansbury.....and so on and so forth ...but I sort of have adopted some of these styles as a young man. I have a nice brooch a sucker for thrift store and pawn shop hopping for vintage attire....but i love how the hats and gloves match and im thinking of incorporating that into my own style.

  2. I like this wearing girls. It looks very beautiful to girls.

  3. Some more fashions stone sculptures that i like it so much.

  4. Paucity of materials can inspire much imaginative use of the materials you do have. i.e., Less is More -- again.