Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hats 'n Gloves, Part 1

1946 - it's post-WW2 and the frippery is back, after all those ration years! Note that although you see some extras here - you never would've seen that fringe in the war years - you still see things being made very frugally, with scraps and remnants.

"Upper left: mesh crocheted gloves with fringed cuffed and matching headband. The fringe is easy to make by tieing (sic) three strands of yarn to each stitch.

Upper right: knit multi-colored beret with matching ascot. You can use odd bits of yarn for this set.

Bottom: Two tone gloves crocheted in a simple cluster-stitch. We suggest bright colors for the back and cark for the palm."

From Good Housekeeping, January, 1946.

(Part 2 tomorrow)

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