Monday, June 14, 2010

Classic elegance

Geoffrey Beene's style is lovely to behold, and is so "me." It's full of clean lines, comfort, and it shows off a woman's body beautifully.

Mr. Beene's inspiration was said to think of some body parts as being particularly sensual:

  • the nape of the neck (think geisha!)
  • the upper arm meeting the soft shoulder (every woman has nice shoulders, unless you are so bone thin that your clavicles protrude to the point of scariness)
  • the small of the back
  • the calf
  • the arch of the foot (not sure I agree here -- feet kind of weird me out. A lot.)
  • the ankle
  • the instep
  • and the most alluring of all, the back side of the hip, near the waist.
This dress, from 1965-1966, is an early one of his designs. Later designs showed off those erogeneous zones to perfection, with wonderful geometric elements and clean lines that didn't muck up the view. You won't find a lot of origami and pleating in his designs. They simply didn't need them.


  1. I really agree with a lot of Mr. Beene's philosophy on the "erogenous zones". As a designer I love showing off parts of a woman's body that are, in my mind, the very height of femininity and beauty. I'm very keen on highlighting, in no particular order: the small of the back, the calf, the ankle, the collarbones, shoulders, and the forearms/wrist. I don't know why this is, but these areas of the body have always struck me as very delicate and lovely, on every woman - no matter her shape or size.

  2. This is not Geoffrey Beene, it is Balenciaga.