Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last call

We're a bit past the club phase, but back in the 70s, Studio 54 was the place to be. Opening night in 1977 found the big names there -- a weird mix, if you think about it. Mick Jagger and his wife were there, along with Jerry Hall, who became Mick's second wife. Donald Trump and first wife Ivanka were there, and Rick and Kathy Hilton were there (they were engaged, so she wasn't a Hilton yet). Who are they? Parents of Paris Hilton. Partying in the club goes deep in that family, I guess.

An even weirder mix of people were left on the sidewalk, unable to get in: Warren Beatty, Cher, Frank Sinatra, and Henry Winkler. Who the heck leaves The Fonz out on the sidewalk?

Halston was a frequent guest at Studio 54, and for good reason. He was a premier designer of the period, and his designs were perfect for gettin down. I love Halston's designs, because they just seem like they would be so comfortable to wear. The one above (from Dorothea's Closet) might not get you to the club, but you'd sure be comfortable in the board room.

And just for trivia's sake, do you know who had the last drink at Studio 54, at the end of its heyday? (We won't count the reopening later on, because it hit its peak during the first go-round.)

Give up? None other than Rambo: Sylvester Stallone.

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  1. My favorite photo from 54 is of Bianca on the white horse for her birthday!
    Halston was an amazing designer-too bad his drug addiction took it away and he sold his name and ruined everything.