Friday, February 5, 2010

There's no place like home.

I had an epiphany today. I was just wandering around google, mindlessly listening to stuff on the TV that I've DVR'd over the past couple of weeks, when I ran across this tidbit of information: The dress from the photo Dovima and the Elephants is permanently housed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art. As in, Indianapolis. As in, MY CITY. Good heavens.

I took myself to this very museum and stood in front of this very dress a year and a half ago on my birthday, as a gift to myself, when the Dior exhibit was there. Did I know then that one of the dresses was from the iconic photo that I now have hanging in my office? Nope. Sure, I knew it was from the same collection. But THE dress? No way.

I hang my head in shame. But I may just drive myself over to the IMA tomorrow, if the snow allows, to gain a whole new appreciation for their choice in fashion.

Meanwhile, I went looking to see if I could find some more photos of dresses from the "H" Collection that Dovima's dress is from, which was Dior's Fall/Winter collection in 1955. Here's some eye candy cousins:

Closeups (the dress is called Ecarlate (Scarlet):

Now we all know how I love red, so obviously, I love Ecarlate.

I really didn't think this was from the H collection, but The V&A is the expert, so I bow to their researchers. It is called Arsene Lupin, and is his contribuation to menswear-inspired fashion. The name even is inspired by a French Sherlock Holmes type detective character who was popular in a series of French books.

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this "Y Evening Dress," which is definitely an echo of Dovima's.

Beautiful, yes? Just let me say, after seeing the Dior exhibit here a couple of summers ago, if you ever get a chance to see original Dior's up close: DO IT. You will marvel at the construction and the beauty of it all. He truly was the master.


  1. Dovima was such a goddess! This is a lovely collection of pictures. Makes me wish I could see the real thing!

  2. The divine Dovima, wow! And you are so lucky to have seen that iconic dress in person.

    Just as an aside - I can't believe anyone could walk in those tight skirts! I'm picturing a 'Funny Face' scenario with a vertical row of clips at the back of the outfit, just out of shot!