Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tattersall Coat. Love.

In the gray days of winter, it's important to have a coat that stands out. Our Indiana winters tend to be one day after another without seeing the sun, and though this winter has been pretty snowy, that's unusual. Our winter months are spent looking at a gray sky, and a barren landscape that's also devoid of color. Hence why I have a (no surprise) red coat. Winter in Indiana requires a splash of color.

This winter, I debated about finding a houndstooth coat, because I love how classic it is. But look at this one, from Courreges, in a tattersall weave. It's McCall's 7938 and, in typical Courreges fashion, it's kind of boxy and geometric. The ad says it's shown in black and white, with black binding accents, and buttons by La Mode. I'd make it in navy, and make the accents in velvet or corduroy, for some texture.

The ad also says it comes with a suit pattern, too, so I'm surprised they don't show it. I'm sure it follows the scheme of the coat, and is space age all the way -- Courreges' signature look.

Just remember -- this coat's bracelet length sleeves would require you to get a pair of beautiful gloves, lest your freeze your forearms off. And yes, I miss the tradition of wearing gloves, because they just dress things up so well.

McCall's 7938, 1965

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  1. I love the tradition of wearing gloves too- but am so lazy about it unless forced by necessity.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge