Monday, February 1, 2010

The perfect woman.

I've been minorly harassed by a co-worker that I *must* decorate my office and, admittedly, it is screaming for some color. One of our doctors wants me to put up a mural of the beach, and every time she walks in, she tells me, in graphic detail, what it should look like.

While I admit that the blah gray brown of the walls is screaming for color, I've decided to quell my obsession with Dovima by decorating with photos of her and some of her contemporaries. I guess the only problem is that the photos are all black and white, but I love the look of it. I'm on the lookout for more small-ish photos or postcards of Dovima, Dorian Leigh and, at left, Jean Patchett. I've assembled a small collection, but if you know of more, let me know, as I'd love to have a wide variety.

Did you know that the perfect model in the early 1950s measurements were 33 bust and hips, and a waist that was no more than once around her head? This, according to Dior's model Fredy who, I suppose, would know these things. Once around the head. I want to know if that is including foundation garments and waist cinchers, because if not, I don't think it's humanly possible. I haven't measured my head, but I can tell you, it's definitely not large enough.

Photo: Garfinckel's ad, circa 1954. Jo Copeland Dress.


  1. Wow. That is a serious mandate...I'm out of contention immediately because I can't even approach that bust measurement, and that waist size? No way. That can't be healthy!

  2. A typical head measurement is 22 inches. So, 33-22-33, doesn't seem that out of the realm of possibility. People were a lot shorter then, perhaps even models were shorter, actresses were certainly shorter. In the 60s I had friends who bragged about having a 22 or 23 inch waist. Of course they were 4 inches shorter than me, so I shouldn't have felt so big!

  3. The model in the picture is the famous Jean Patchett, taken on the steps, on the west side of the Jefferson memorial, Washington.

    Jean Patchett is easily identified by the birthmark on the corner of her right eye.
    Picture by Toni Frissel.

    50's fan