Thursday, February 4, 2010

From Russia, With Love

They're predicting 4-7" of snow here tomorrow, which makes me happy, since I'm totally a winter person. I love everything about the cold weather, especially the clothes.

There's just nothing like a great winter coat, hat, and gloves. You're seen too often in a coat during the gray days of winter to wear something boring, so spice it up already.

Here's a cute double breasted coat from Vyacheslav Zaitzev, with matching fur hat. I'm not a fur person myself, but do understand why it is that people who live somewhere like Russia (where these photos were taken) would want to keep their noggin warm with it. Again, not for me, and nowadays there's too much good fake fur to wear the real deal anyway, but I love this look. Especially the ogling Cossack. Zaitsev is a pretty interesting person, too, because who ever thought about Russian Haute Couture? Certainly not me. Here's someone who, as late as the late 80s, complained to his government about having limited materials to design with. He even said that he was using mannequins from World War II. This, from a man who won international an international competition the next year, against such competitors as Donna Karan, Claude Montana, Hanae Mori, and Byblos. Crazy.

From Look Magazine, 1967

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