Thursday, February 25, 2010

From lingerie to paint?

Remember slips? I always hated wearing them when I was a kid, because the static cling drove me nuts. Modern slips don't hold a candle to today's slips, either, because the nylon of the years past is nothing like the stuff they make today.

Notice that this 1940 slip is fairly free of any embellishments like lace, ribbons, or flounces, which wasn't unusual a couple of years later, due to World War II fabric rationing. This particular slip is from before the US entered the War, so maybe, sadly, it's a view of things to come.

This lovely slip from 1940 is noted in the ad to have "Laton yarn side inserts." Laton was a thread created by the American Rubber Company that made Lastex. I thought that all of the -on threads, like Nylon, Antron, etc. were Dupont products, so it was interesting to see that this one wasn't.

No matters, since I think it was a fairly short lived venture, because by 1952, the Laton trademark was registered to a paint company. That's quite an extreme!


  1. I hated the slips my mom made me wear because they were cotton. I wanted "big girl" slips. I guess I'm telling my age. I can't wear a dress without one!



  2. This vintage slip is awesome. Any embellishments to the slips,makes us feel uncomfortable,uneasy. Good writeup.