Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cause I'm a woman. W-O-M-A-N

I need something pretty today. Who better for my pretty fix than Ceil Chapman?

Ceil was well known for her draped bodices, but the pleating on this reminds me of Jean Desses, and is a perfect example of the early 50s. She counted among her clientele Marilyn Monroe, Deborah Kerr, and Elizabeth Taylor, and I can see any of them being able to carry this off beautifully. There's nothing like a bateau neckline to draw the eye up, and show off a toned upper body.

I don't know what her inspiration was here, but I see the ocean. I'd leave the rhinestones off the neckline and just wear them as earrings, and add a rhinestone bracelet. It doesn't really matter what you want, because this dress will do all the talking for you, whether it's "come hither" or "eat your heart out Buster, I've moved on without you."

To. Die. For. And sadly, SOLD by Memphis Vintage. Happy with something similar? Try this one, in black, available now on ebay.

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