Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On a more serious note..........

We were in Haiti last month, albeit briefly. To think that some of the people we met may now be buried under rubble or worse is sickening to me. Yesterday's news of the earthquake has spurred us to action. Hubby is actively looking into travelling to Port au Prince with a medical team, as he's a nurse (like me). He's travelled to Mexico every year for the past ten years, and to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, but this is different, and he needs your prayers and good thoughts.

Meantime, the Vintage Fashion Library will be making a $5 donation to Oxfam for every purchase made from the store in the next 24 hours. Combined with coupon code SNOWBALL that we already posted to our mailing list earlier this week, it's a way to get something gorgeous while helping out on a good cause.

Feel free to Tweet, post on your Facebook, and let your friends know. And if you are a vintage or pattern seller and want to join the cause, comment below. The people of Haiti are in desperate need -- sources say that all water sources in Port au Prince have been destroyed. Imagine being in 80 degree heat with no shelter or water. Shop. Donate. Light a Candle. Pray. Send Positive Energy. Help.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I'll definitely pray for your husband, in addition to the people affected in Haiti.