Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daniel Green was a man (maybe)

There's nothing as frou frou girl as a great pair of boudoir slippers, and Daniel Green is right up there, as far as style is concerned. I've come across a few pair over the course of time. They are always a beautiful thing to behold, and I generally have passed them along to my girl Ang, of Dorothea's Closet. She's a big collector, and for good reason. They are amazing!

I've seen them in lots of colors of the rainbow, but look at these. The pink ones are called Tux, in blossom pink, cherry, heaven blue, lime, royal blue, wine, and black rayon satin -- for only $5.50, in 1946.

The green (lime) ones are Cara, in blossom pink, cherry, lime, heaven blue, wine, and black rayon satin, for "around" $5.00. (What DOES that "around" mean, anyway? Is it today's equivalent of "price upon request?" I don't know.)

At the bottom, there is Loll, Virgin Wool Dee-Gee felt in blossom pink, cherry, heaven blue wine and black, for "around" $5.00.

Adding to the interest of the add is the lovely lady, stage left, in her post WWII rationing gown, with yards and yards of fabric.

I'll take the top pair, because I'm a sucker for bows, in pink. And the bottom pair in cherry, as shown -- and I'm hoping the edge of the vamp is satin, because that's how I'd like it, please.

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