Thursday, December 10, 2009

Silver and Gold

"To create an impression of glamour in the evening this winter it takes a gown of one of the many new velvets, the slippery crushed satins, the velvety crepes, or best of all, the new lames. These are quite different than the lames we used to know - the kind that glittered like radiator paint. The new ones are colored lames, pink ones, gray ones, red ones, blue ones. The are soft and supple, they gleam rather than glisten. And this is because of the way they are woven. Some of them are nothing but fine, crinkled crepes in delicious colors, with a thin thread of gold or silver strung through them. Many of the loveliest are moires threaded with thin metal strands and these have a slippery sheen like ice. Vionnet used this last type in soft pink with silver, in gray with gold."

I'm imagining the one on the right in chocolate velvet (sounds like a pudding, doesn't it?). The one I want is the one on the left and, despite the fact that this is from the December, 1933 Pictorial Review, I want it in a pale ivory with tiny pink floral. If I must wear it in December, make it cream with a green print, but I must have a fabulous opera coat to go with it. In emerald green velvet, please.

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  1. Lovely, but does anyone know the difference between gleam and glisten? ;) I also want the dress on the left. One day, one day...