Monday, December 7, 2009


More of the Audrey Hepburn offerings from Kerry Auctions, to be sold off tomorrow. Could someone please buy me something? I'd personally love to have some of the fashion sketches, but I'd settle for anything, especially something of Ms. Audrey Hepburns. ::sigh::

This Givenchy dress (from 1966 - worn in the October 15 issue of Vogue in that year) is spot on fashion right now, with it's Wilma shoulder treatment, and side bow. The asymmetrical hem is interesting too, especially since it continues the diagonal line of the bodice. Genius, in shocking pink.

I remember my mom calling certain hues shocking pink when I was little. I didn't realize that the term actually came from Elsa Schiaparelli, paying homage to both her love of the color, as well as her interesting personal history. How iconic does one have to be to be able to coin the name of a color? How many other people have been able to do that? Think about it. There's Kelly green, I know, but who is Kelly? Has anyone else been able to do it?

Her fascination with pink purportedly caused great distress to one Englishman who, in visiting Paris, recognized a stuffed polar bear in her window as one that his grandfather had shot. Dali, her window dresser at the time, had dyed the unfortunate ursa pink.

Shocking, indeed.


  1. There's Alice blue, named after Teddy Roosevelt's daughter. Aparently she was something of a handful. I think Roosevelt is reported to have said something like, "I can run the country, or I can manage Alice, but not both."

    Also, that dress is amazingly beautiful, and I too would LOVE something from the lovely Ms. Hepburn.

  2. B, I didn't know that about Alice blue! I always thought it referred to Alice in Wonderland...shows what I know :)

    Of course, we also can't forget that Barbie has her own shade of pink - and it's "shock"ingly close to Ms. Schiaparelli's, too!

    In the battle between Elsa Schiaparelli and Barbie, though, do we really have to wonder who'd come out the winner? Barbie may have been a pilot, ballerina, and cowgirl, but Schiap's got surrealism on her side!