Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pretty much the perfect 60s dress

It's no secret that I love the lines on 60s clothing. This pattern is no exception, and I love how much it can be varied. My favorite style is the drop waist variation, though I can't carry it off. I think that the pockets are an interesting addition, though I'm not convinced that they are really very useful where they are located, and think that they probably wouldn't be very flattering, if truth be told.

I love the look of a proper roll collar, especially because it pretty much negates the need for a necklace. These would be cute with a brooch, but I love how they styled them here with patterned hose. But is that girl on the right really wearing fishnets? I think not -- that wouldn't work here at all. I think they are also patterned hose.

Or at least I hope so.


  1. Why not fishnets? They would have been in style at that time. By the way, I have some great micro-fishnets like the ones they wore then.

  2. I just found this via Google, looking for '60s librarian' for an assignment... and it brought back memories of a 60s dress up I once attempted. An old aunt of mine helped me pick my costume from various secondhand shops, and she suggested getting fishnet stockings to go with the dress I chose, which was similar to the one above. I didn't end up wearing the fishnets because I couldn't see them being in style at the time... but suddenly, I see this picture, and everything makes sense!